A Breifing of XRP and the Validating Process

Validators are rippled nodes running as a validating server – meaning they are configured to participate in the consensus process for validating transactions.

Each rippled server connects to a network of peers, relays cryptographically signed transactions, and maintains a local copy of the complete shared global ledger. A rippled server running in validator mode additionally participates in the consensus process and is a part of an interconnected web of validators who each trust a specific set of validators not to collude.

Digital Validity is all about XRP and the XRP ecosystem.
We operate 3 Validators and nodes. Centralized in Manchester N.J. with our prize Validator housed in a controlled Data Center in Texas.
We believe XRP and the XRP Ledger will move most of all the financial transactions in the world.

Our goal is to help represent a decentralized XRP ecosystem and one day be trustworthy enough to be install on the UNL, the unique node list for ledger validations.

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